Dani Mateo is betting on a relationship between these two Spanish athletes: “What could come of it…”

EThis Monday, June 10, 2024, La Sexta has broadcast a new episode of ‘Zapeando’, the evening space that reviews the best moments of the television schedule and social networks. This afternoon, Dani Mateo and his team of collaborators have mentioned the good moment that Spanish sport is going through, and more, after this Sunday that will be remembered as one of the most special.

The first to wear the winner’s medal was Carlos Alcaraz, who beat Zverev in five sets and won his third Grand Slam at just 21 years old. Barcelona handball team also emerged unscathed from their final and won their 12th European Cup. And, finally, the European Athletics Championship, where Ana Peleteiro closed a great participation for the national team with gold and her second personal best.

“That ‘I’m Spanish, what do you want me to beat you’ has returned?”Dani Mateo joked. “We have won again and again, non-stop, like crazy. We all spent yesterday afternoon glued to the TV,” Isabel Forner followed. “I have to say that I saw her from time to time, because Alcaraz made me suffer a lot,” the presenter continued. “Winning in France is the best,” said Quique Peinado

Dani Mateo’s clever idea to set up a relationship between two Spanish athletes

At one point, and after reviewing all the victories of the national athletes, Dani Mateo had a rather unexpected occurrence. “Does Ana Peleteiro have a partner?”, he asked as if one of those ideas that seemed wonderful was hovering in his head. “Yes, she has a partner and a child,” her colleagues responded.

Dani Mateo is betting on a relationship between these two Spanish athletes:

“I ask this because Carlos Alcaraz does not have a partner. Imagine if they were together, what could come out of there…”, commented the presenter of ‘Zapeando’. “He would be a superman, someone with wings,” he continued. Torito has also imagined the idea and his description could not have been better: “A medal with legs would come out.”


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