Challenge the players of ‘La Pizarra de Quintana’ in the Euro Cup

YThey have had their own official League in this first season of Fantasy MARCA and it has been the most played on the very wide competitive menu. With almost 15,000 participants, they even surpassed the Top BRAND, that crowns the best manager at the Pichichi Awards Gala. This Friday the Euro 2024 starts and, as it could not be otherwise, ‘La Pizarra de Quintana’ also already has an official tournament in MARCA’s Fantasy. The benchmark evening program on sports radio (Monday to Friday, 4 to 7 p.m.) gives you the opportunity to challenge four true masters. From now on you can play against Miguel Quintana, Nahuel Miranda, Adrián Blanco and Fran González (runner-up in the official LaLiga), because the ‘Euro Quintana’ is a reality both in the App like on the web.


To the incentive of defeating these Fantasy ‘monsters’ in the classification, is added the prize for the final winner: one hundred euros in a multi-gift card. The league starts with 15 players who play at random and 200 million for transfers (less the value of the initial team). There will be two market cycles a day, with forty new players and the scoring system is SofaScore statistics. They can be aligned as many players as you want from the same National Team.


If you are a beginner You just have to download the App (free) on Google Play or Apple Store, although if you prefer You can also play on the web. Once registered, you can now sign up for leagues (official, public or private) by clicking on ‘Add League’ at the bottom left of the screen. Right next to it appears the ‘Help’ section so you can consult any details of the game. You can also write to us and follow all the Euro Cup news on X (Twitter) @FantasyMARCA.Live the Euro with extra fun!

Download Fantasy MARCA here with more news than ever! With new competitions, more prizes and more customization options! Follow us on twitter @FantasyMARCA. You also have daily content on and weekly content in the newspaper (Wednesday), on the MARCA channel on YouTube and on Radio MARCA (Friday, 2:45 p.m.).


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