Daniel Sancho agrees with the Prosecutor’s Office and will pay a fine for having attacked a young man in 2019

LThe problems add to Daniel Sancho. This time an agreement has been reached in the trial held in the Criminal Courts of Madrid for assault a young man in line at a nightclub to get a taxi in 2019. Instead of the year in prison requested by the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, he has accepted a fine of 450 euros.

Rodolfo Sancho’s son appeared on video call

The actor’s son Rodolfo Sanchowho is currently in the Thai prison of Koh Samui waiting for the sentence murder of Edwin Arrietaappeared via videoconference with the Spanish prosecutor’s office. He looked calm, with correct answers, dressed in a light brown t-shirt and black shorts. Sancho, without a beard and with short hair, appeared good physical condition thanks to his regular attendance at the prison gym. When asked by the judge, she was “satisfied” with the agreement reached.

Once the agreement was reached, the judge of Criminal Court number 16 read the sentence, condemning Daniel Sancho for a injury crime, with the mitigating circumstances of undue delays and repair of the damage. His defense had already recorded 2,100 euros in court as civil liability. Thus, he was fined for three months with a daily fee of five euros.

The reported facts

The incident occurred at four in the morning on November 9, 2019, near José Abascal Street in Madrid. Daniel Sancho sneaked into a taxi without respecting the line, which caused someone to confront him about his behavior. In response, Sancho gave him a punch in the headcausing injuries and leaving aesthetic damage due to the breakage of a tooth.

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office He had initially requested a sentence of one year in prison and payment of civil liability derived from the crime of injuries. According to the prosecutor’s brief, Sancho acted “with the intention of doing harm” when attacking JC, who reproached him for his attitude in the taxi queue.

Before the trial in Thailand, the defense of Daniel Sancho He requested his extradition, but the prosecutor opposed it, arguing that there were “alternative” measures that would allow the trial to take place. Sancho remains in provisional detention in the Thai prison of Koh Samui, awaiting the sentence of the murder trial that will be known next August 29.


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