Eva Longoria: “I grew up with the idea that I was not pretty and I had to be intelligent”

Eva Longoria She is an established actress, but it was not always like this. The American has recalled her beginnings in the industry. Hollywood during a podcast interview ‘Alone’of Vicky Martin Berrocal. During the talk, Longoria confessed that it was not easy to take his first steps: “I had no money, no car, no one in my life.” The Angelsbut I knew I could find a job, whatever it was, I didn’t care.”

Surviving, as she herself defines it, was her goal when she was trying to make a place for herself in Hollywood. Eva Longoriaone of the protagonists of the popular series ‘Desperate women’always knew that he had enough boards to be able to start his career in the audiovisual industry. “I grew up with the idea that I was not pretty and that I had to be intelligent”the artist reflected during the interview.

Actress Eva Longoria.

Eva Longoria: “I’m lucky in love”

Regarding his personal life, Eva Longoria She has explained that she feels lucky in her romantic relationships. She has been married three times, but the actress makes a positive reading of this: “Some say that a woman who has been married many times has bad luck, but I say that I am lucky in love”. Her two previous husbands, she says, have served to prepare her for her current relationship, with Pepe Baston.

Eva Longoria He noted that all the men who have been in his life have left him some positive teaching. In any case, he praised his current partner. “I have had good husbands, but it is another level”he stated.

On the other hand, the artist confessed her love for Spain and commented that his dream is to be able to live here. “I already have a house in Marbella. It’s like a town, it has everything,” he reflected. In addition, he explained that he always wanted to record something in our country, as is the case with ‘Land of women’his latest project and currently filming.


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