Foal meat from the point of view of a nutritionist: “It can cause cancer”

An article from the Spanish Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) ensures that horse meat does not harm human health. However, there is a risk, this is because horse meat detected in some products or consumed in rural areas has been found with traces of ‘phenylbutazone’.

Phenylbutazone is a medication used in horses as an anti-inflammatory or analgesic. This allows horses to reduce pain and, according to health organizations, this drug can be harmful to human health. According to specialists, this veterinary drug can harm the state of human health, from side effects, such as vomiting, skin rashes, nausea, to causing cancer.

With sanitary measures, horse meat could be healthy for humans

It should be noted that experts, scientists and doctors agree that horse meat does not harm human health, as long as the animals They have been raised and slaughtered in accordance with the legislation of each country and comply with the relevant health controls.

If this is so, foal meat could provide numerous health benefits. In this article we reveal them to you:

Health benefits

High iron content

One of the most well-known and famous properties of foal meat is its high iron content. Not only It has a high level of iron in its composition, but it is a high-quality iron that is easily assimilated by the body.

Very low fat meat

Another of the most interesting properties is its low fat content. It has a lower fat percentage than chicken and turkey meat, traditionally those with the least fat. Therefore, it is perfect for healthy lifestyles and specific weight loss diets.

Perfect for athletes

In addition to having a low percentage of fat and high levels of iron, foal meat is one of the meats that has the highest amount of protein.which makes it perfect for muscle gain and for diets of bodybuilders and high-performance athletes.

Basic minerals and vitamins

As the last of the benefits and properties of foal meat, we find the high content of minerals and fundamental and essential vitamins such as vitamin B, phosphorus or magnesium.

In summary, Including foal meat in a well-structured diet will be a sure success and will help you get out of your routine by trying new products.. Furthermore, foal and horse meat, like other meats, can be consumed in different preparations: Hamburgers, sirloin, chops, steaks… so you can vary between all of them to discover the full potential of this high quality meat. in iron and proteins.


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