This Thursday, free with MARCA, the old Panenka guide from the Euro Cup

Ethis Thursday with him BRAND newspaper, get the Euro Cup Antique Guide for free, a 32-page supplement with the most detailed and alternative information on the 24 participating teams. A product that bears the Panenka seal, the first football culture magazine in Spain, with which we have partnered to offer an original look at the quintessential European national team football tournament.

Data, records, careers, players… Discover the most relevant things about the German Euro from a different perspective. An eleven of movies Christopher Nolan to create a timeline in which England finally takes the title? Did you know that Ilicic returns to the Slovenian national team after three traumatic years? How many types of Italian pasta would you be able to list until you make the lineup for the current champion? Will the tournament continue, with the logic of the much-missed Raffaella Carrà, rewarding teams from the south as she has done in all editions of this century? A supplement to open your mouth and make you smile before the ball rolls.


Davide Piano

An experienced journalist with an insatiable curiosity for global affairs on newshubpro

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