Laura Escanes’ ‘trick’ to avoid haters who criticize her for speaking Catalan: “First warning, I’m a warrior”

Laura Escanes is in luck. The Catalan influencer has announced the premiere of the second season of ‘La travessa’, the TV3 program of which he was part in its first season. The Catalan, however, has announced the news in an unusual way. As her audience on social networks is not only Catalan, she has invented a method so that everyone understands what she is talking about.

In true Joaquín Sánchez style when he arrived at Fiorentina, the influencer has mixed Spanish and Catalan, exchanging phrases from both languages ​​interchangeably. “First notice, voand to make some stories speaking Catalan-Spanish all mixed together so that everyone can understand me and not have to make 50,000 duplicate stories so that I don’t get angry.”

Furthermore, the content creator has explained what ‘La travessa’ is about, since people who do not live in Catalonia do not watch TV3 as regularly: “I know that many people don’t quite understand what is being released. I think the people who live in Catalonia are better off, but if not, I’ll clarify it for you. Today is a very special day because the second season of ‘La travessa’ premieres. Even if you are outside Catalonia to watch TV tonight and the second season of the program.”

Laura Escanes' 'trick' to avoid haters who criticize her for speaking Catalan:

Laura Escanes has explained her emotions with a perfect mix between Catalan and Spanishand then publish a preview of the program of which she has been the presenter since its premiere on TV3.

What is ‘La travessa’, the program presented by Laura Escanes, about?

‘La travessa’ is a television program that is broadcast on TV3, the regional television station of Catalonia. The program is an entertainment and adventure space in which the participants, generally well-known personalities in the region, They must overcome a series of physical and mental challenges in natural environments.


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