Ester Expósito speaks out about her relationship with Miguel Bernardeau: “I have a happy heart”

Lthe actress Ester Exposito has responded to rumors about his possiblerelationship con Miguel Bernardeauwho was his companion during the series of ‘Elite‘, during a recent event in Barcelona. Although he tried to avoid questions about his personal life, he hinted at his happiness by stating that he has “light in the eyes” y “the happy heart“These statements, although they neither confirm nor deny the romance, have fueled speculation about their relationship, especially after both were seen together on several occasions.

During Desigual’s 40th anniversary event, Ester Exposito He spoke about his professional projects before facing questions about his love life. When asked directly about her heart, she responded with a laugh: “I am very happy“He added that he lives.”in love with life“, thus maintaining an ambiguity that has left her followers speculating about her relationship with Miguel Bernardeau.

Rumors about this romance

Speculation about their relationship intensified after being visas hand in hand in the Puerta del Hierro urbanization in Madrid. Witnesses stated that both of them appeared very affectionate, kissing and caressing each other. These sightings have been crucial in fueling the rumors, especially considering their close friendship since working together on the series’Elite‘.

Ester Expósito does not deny the rumors about her romance with Miguel Bernardeau:

It is not the first time that a romance arises between the actors of ‘Elite’. Maria Pedraza y Jaime Lorenteas well as Itzan Escamilla y Omar Ayusoalso began relationships during the production of the series. Ester Exposito He previously had a relationship with Alvaro Ricoanother co-star in ‘Elite’, which has generated even more interest in his current love life.

The impact on followers

The comments of Ester Exposito They have generated a great stir among their followers and on social networks. Many fans are attentive to any indication that confirms or denies the romance with Miguel. The actress, known for her discretion regarding her private life, has managed to maintain the mystery and, at the same time, has made it clear that she is in a happy moment in her life.


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