Lukaku remains a world-class striker

Sand was left without the goal award, but the game Lukaku against Romania he was a waste of talent and everything that a world-class striker should be. The Belgian was in charge of fixing the center backs and opening play for his teammates. He also scored a goal, but the VAR disallowed it for an offside of centimeters. Luck continues to elude him, but Roma attacker He continues to be decisive for the future of the ‘red devils’, who never doubt him: his teammates, in the disallowed goal, went crazy celebrating with him. There is an internal conspiracy: Lukaku must score.

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Lukaku responds to criticism with a masterful assist on Tielemans’ goal that opened the game against Romania. After being singled out as one of the main causes of the defeat against Slovakia on the first day due to his lack of success on goal, missing very clear chances, Lukaku barely needed 73 seconds to show against Romania that this match was going to be totally different.

He left without scoring – the VAR took away his goal – but his ability to drive the Romanian defense crazy and pin down the centre-backs, who were trying, unsuccessfully, to stop his power, is beyond all doubt. At least, until the next game. Romelu covered his mouth against Romania.


If Romania could dream until the end of getting something positive from their match against Belgium, it was thanks to Nita’s performances. The Romanian goalkeeper ended up applauded by his fans in gratitude for the tremendous game he had played. The 36-year-old goalkeeper made up to four worthy saves and was, without a doubt, the best on his team.

Frank AugsteinAP

Theate, the Belgian Cucurella. He did not play a minute in the debut against Slovakia, but the Rennes full-back had a great game against Romania. He was up, he was down, he was everywhere.

His messy hairstyle reminded him, at times, of the Cucurella that the Italian team still dreams of. One of the best of the ‘red devils’.


A long ball from Casteels when the game was already dying was picked up by De Bruyne to put his personal mark on this EURO 2024. The legendary midfielder finished ahead of Nita and managed to make it 2-0.

The Manchester City player showed that he still has enough energy and led his team in getting the ball out and trying to filter balls to Lukaku who had no luck in front of goal. De Bruyne is a genius and his lamp has also shone in Germany 2024.


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