Mbappé’s routine to have an elite body and compete for Real Madrid

The one who is already a Real Madrid player, Kylian Mbappé, shows in every game that his performance has no ceiling. His physical form is getting better and better, as well as his technique, power and speed. But what is the key to achieving it?

In this article we reveal to you what the footballer’s invisible training is. (everything the Real Madrid player does between one training session and another).

Thalassotherapy sessions

The key to the player’s well-being is thalassemia, this practice is a therapeutic method that uses substances extracted from the sea and that provide benefits to the body. This is a natural procedure increasingly used by great footballers, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, the mirror in which Mbappé looks at himself.

Treatments based on mud, seawater, seaweed, sand, plankton and more than eighty other species extracted from the ocean act as relaxants for the body and also for the mind. For it, The current Real Madrid player enjoys thermal baths and massages every week, which allow him to perform at his best on the playing field.

Benefits of thalassotherapy

In addition to the benefits we have mentioned, this therapy provides many other advantages to our health:

  • Thalassotherapy is beneficial for improving our musculoskeletal system, speeding up bone, muscle, tendon and ligament recovery processes..
  • Helps vascular recovery at the level of the venous and lymphatic system.
  • It accelerates the process of reducing body fat, therefore, it has positive effects in cases of cellulite and obesity.
  • Thalassotherapy promotes mental activity and significantly improves physical strength.
  • The application of thalassotherapy with a cosmetological approach also helps in recovering your aesthetics.
  • And as a last benefit we have the healing effects. Thalassotherapy considerably improves muscular, rheumatic, dermatological, cardiac, metabolic conditions and fatigue states.

Cryotherapy: cold-based recovery

Another popular therapy among soccer players is cryotherapy, which involves using extreme cold to freeze and destroy abnormal skin cells. For example, in the case of an injury, cold is applied directly to the affected area.

The great soccer stars are more exposed to friction and suffering blows. Mbappé is one of them. Therefore, this treatment is of great importance, because thanks to this it maintains your physical strength and allows you to have a much faster recovery.


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