NBA: A Christmas ‘classic’: this is how Doncic made history on December 25

EOn December 25, 1984, a superstar named Bernard King enchanted the NBA on Christmas Day. He scored 60 points against the then-known New Jersey Nets.. His Knicks lost that Derby, but the ‘King of New York’ left a galactic performance on the day that the best basketball league in the world opens to the whole world. It’s his day and he put together a performance that no one has ever been able to match.

They didn’t even do it before black and white heroes, like a Wilt Chamberlain who has all the records there have been and will be in basketball. In his third campaign, 1961-62, Wilt faced the Knicks on Christmas and left monstrous 59 points and 36 rebounds. No one has touched that capture record… 60 years later.

Among them appears a Slovenian kid, a Real Madrid youth player who responds to Luka Doncic. The ’77’ reached 50 points, the best mark in the NBA modern at Christmas. That added to 15 assists, 8 triples, 4 steals, 3 blocks or 12/12 from personal can make a Martian record. Wilt and King didn’t shoot from the outside and probably didn’t play as much of a team. Luke…

Doncic scores a layup.LAPRESSE

He even has time to laugh with the public, who as is known does not care for him in Phoenix. “It’s fun for me. When you make a shot the whole pavilion shuts up. “It’s the best feeling in the world,” Doncic said at the end. The same day as reaching 10,000 points. Anything happens.

It sneaks between basketball myths. Fast as most, young and capable of leaving his mark when it matters. The NBA always has its Christmas day on a pedestal.. and the Slovenian has already stolen his hearts. His performance is a Christmas classic. Luka is the Wizard King


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