Women’s Motorcycle World Championship 2024: Beatriz Neila: “I told Ayuso that motorcycles also have to return to Madrid”

I want to be champion of the Women’s World Motorcycle Championship. and establish myself as a great pilot in this new competition.” Beatriz Neila (Arganda del Rey, Madrid, 2002) is clear and forceful when talking about her future. The Madrid runner confesses to MARCA that her goal is to stand out in the new women’s category that the FIM and Dorna Sports will organize from 2024. However, far from what many may think, his intention is not to one day compete in MotoGP.

Con Laia Sanz As a reference, the pilot claims that women do not need to compete against men to be considered great athletes. “Laia is recognized for all the women’s titles she has in trial, enduro, Dakar… I can ride a MotoGP and I can fight in MotoGP, but winning and holding on is complicated,” says Neila.

Thus, the pilot highlights the importance of there being a category exclusively for them: “In the world of speed, a World Cup of this caliber was missingto be able to measure ourselves. We still don’t know who is the fastest woman in the world“.

A World Cup of this caliber was needed; We still don’t know who is the fastest woman in the world

Beatriz Neila

Expectations for this new championship are high. The calendar is already confirmed, there will be at least six rounds, with two races in each of them, and it is also known that all the drivers will compete with the same motorcycle. However, with six months left until it starts (the first appointment will be between from June 14 to 16 in Misano) the grid is not yet confirmed, but Beatriz Neila is considered a favorite to take the title. “I’m going to fight all season to be at the top.”“, shift.

Licensed to dream

Neila does not yet know her rivals, however, she is aware of her own potential. In the last four years, the woman from Madrid was proclaimed champion of the European Women’s Motorcycle Championship four times, until now the highest category to which she could qualify. “For me it is a source of pride after all the work, discipline and perseverance that must be had”celebrates with his medal in his hand.

Mara Herrera and Ana Carrasco, two of the few female pilots who have faced men in the motorcycle World Championship, are candidates to be on the same grid as Neila next year. Both have made history, although that does not intimidate the four-time European champion. “Facing drivers like Mara and Ana, who have a high level and a lot of experience, is an honor. In the end, the stronger and stronger we are, the level will be higher and that will make the championship grow.“, Explain.

Very dear to Italy

A pilot’s helmet is always a place to find details to take into account. Beatriz carries the flag of Spain on one side and the flag of Italy on the other.. However, it is not a question of dual nationality, nor a family reason. The woman from Madrid has always felt very loved in that country, where, for her, “motorcycling is experienced with great intensity.”

I was lucky enough to live a week-long experience at Rossi’s house and it was amazing

Beatriz Neila

In addition to his great relationship with the Italian fans, Valentino Rossi, one of his idols, opened the doors of his house to him. “I met him at a mastercamp that I organized with Yamaha, when I was racing in the 300 World Championship. I was lucky enough to live a week-long experience at their house and it was amazing.. In December of that same year, he called me personally to do the 100 Mile race, in which we shared the track,” she explains proudly.

Compete in Madrid

When he got his third crown, great personalities like Florentino Prez o Isabel Daz Ayuso They did not miss the opportunity to congratulate her. “I got more nervous with Ayuso, there was a lot of protocol”, he confesses. However, she did not miss the opportunity either and spoke with the president of the community of Madrid about the possibility of bringing the motorcycles to the capital of Spain. “I told him that we needed to have a motorcycle Grand Prix and he told me that it was on his list”reveals Neila.

A life of effort

Although it may not seem like it, his life is not only linked to motorcycles. When she began to stand out she was offered to leave her studies aside, however, she did not want to. The pilot combines her motorcycling career with a law degree and a master’s degree in international law.

“You never know what turns life takes. When I finish my law degree, I will not close myself to any field, because in the end I like what I study, but it is true that I would love to dedicate myself to a sports field.“, he comments and discovers that he already reads his own contracts. Even so, for the moment, his place of work in sport will continue to be on the track.


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