The ex-wife of a famous Spanish singer is looking for a new love in ‘First Dates’

En tonight’s episode of the reality show ‘First Dates‘in Cuatro, María, the ex-wife of Fortthe singer of the Spanish group Howitzerhad a date with Florentino, known as Flowers. This professional rocker, now dedicated to the gospel, surprised María with a rather peculiar start to the date, playing some guitar chords and throwing himself at her feet at the end. This gesture left Maria bewildered, “this one is going to kill me and we don’t know each other at all.”

María arrived at the date with open expectations, ready to meet someone to fall in love again. Flores, for her part, shared her transition from the world of rock al gospel, mentioning that he was looking to fill a void in his life. Despite her enthusiasm, María felt overwhelmed by the way Flores dominated the conversation, almost without leaving him space to express himself: “If we have a second date, I will bring a sheet and I’m going to set shifts“commented Maria

Conversations and tensions

Throughout dinner, the conversation between María y Flores covered several topics, including anecdotes from his musical life and mentions of Fortu, which added a touch of curiosity and tension at the appointment. Flores expressed strong opinions on various topics, including her perception of the female body, which made María uncomfortable.

Once the dinner was over, the classic question from the program was answered and whether they would have a second date between the two. Even though Maria hardly spoke, she showed interest in give it a second chanceappreciating their authenticity and passion.

The ex-wife of a famous Spanish singer is looking for a new love in 'First Dates'

However, at the end of the appointment, Flores’ perception was different. Despite María’s willingness to continue getting to know him, Flores felt that María did not meet his ideal of a woman. This difference in expectations and perceptions marked the end of the date, with both of them going their separate ways.


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