A Scrapped Barbie Scene Would Have Had Ryan Gosling Preventing Off Pretend Fur

The pretend fur coat and bandana are lovely a lot the top of masculinity for Ken (sooner than he figures the patriarchy is set greater than horses), and because it seems, Gosling used to be a part of the verdict to decorate Ken this fashion. When Gerwig used to be requested if it used to be Gosling’s concept, she defined, “Well, yes, we share a very deep love of Sly Stallone. And he wore wonderful coats. [Ryan and I] were texting back and forth pictures. So we decided that Ken should have this faux mink.” In fact, now I wish to see a “Barbie” cut the place a fake fur-enrobed Ken meets a fake fur-enrobed Sylvester Stallone for a dialogue about seaside. I’m positive I’m now not isolated on this. 

The scene Gosling had an concept for concerned that very coat. As Gerwig famous:

“One of the ideas that Ryan had was that he would have a dance duet with his mink and that the mink would be fighting him, and then love him, and then fight him again, eventually defeat him, and that he would be birthed anew out of the mink. And somewhere there’s a rehearsal footage of this.”


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