Spain fine-tunes ahead of the Games: European gold in the technical routine

Spain remains at the top of the artistic swimming podium. The team has won gold in the technical routine of the European Championship in Belgrade. After silver and gold in the last two World Cups, he revalidated his title from the last European Games in a discipline that will be Olympic in Paris.

Iris Tió, Sara Saldaña, Meritxell Mas, Alisa Ozhogina, Marina García, Blanca Toledano, Meritxell Ferré, Cristina Arámbula, Lilou Lluís and Berta Ferreras once again performed their version of West Side Story’s ‘Mambo’which premiered at the World Cup in February.

Facing a competition without Ukraine and with only four rivals, two of them, Great Britain and Italy, with the B team, the main objective was to polish details for the Games. The medal seemed certain and only Greece emerged as a possible rival for the gold. “It is clear that all the teams are going to save something in this European Championship, but it is good to perfect things,” said coach Mayuki Fujiki, days before leaving for Belgrade.

Spain comes out stronger after its performance in the pool. He made a leap in quality compared to the last World Cup event by receiving a better score than in Doha. If that silver received 275.8925 points, On this occasion the gold was counted at 278.4684 (180.1684 in elements and 98.3000 in artistic impression, with -4.47 penalty points).

A more than notable improvement in this new era, which began in 2023 with the change in regulations. Penalties or minimum grades have arrived that are awarded when participants have failed or have not performed any of the mandatory or optional elements that trainers have to include before each test on a form. A panel of three controllers accounts for these declared elements and another three control the synchronization in the execution of the movements.. The judges now limit themselves to evaluating the artistic impression.

Greece was next to compete. It stood at 257.8918 points (165.9918 in element, 91.9000 in impression and -6.43 penalty points) who gave him the money. Italiawhich did not put its usual team into the fray but rather a group of some of the 2023 junior European runners-up, he hung himself with the bronze after receiving 256.8584 (164.7584+92.1000). Great Britain was fourth with 211.3692 (127.6192+83.7500) and Serbia, the only one of the five countries with a man on its team, closed the classification with 162.1659 (83.4159 +78.7500).


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